KY Gives Day 2020 Recap!

KY Gives Day Thank You

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting us on Kentucky Gives Day 2020!

We had 13 donors give a total of $545.00. THANK YOU. This is more than we expected to bring in through fundraisers for the entire year! To take a look at those results with your own eyes, click here to visit our KY Gives Day Profile!

To those who shared our social media posts, spread the word, did a mini fundraiser for us, and paid for the processing fees, THANK YOU.

To those who donated into the KY Gives Impact Pool, a pool of funds being collected to support a variety of non-profits in KY, THANK YOU. Because we had more than ten unique donors, we will also be receiving a portion of the impact pool at the end of the month. Due to the current pandemic, KY Gives Day funds are still being collected until May 31stIf you'd like to donate to the KY Impact Pool, or donate to reSOARces in order to increase the portion of funds we receive from the impact pool, click here and press any of the donate buttons on our profile that will lead you to the page with further instructions. It's not too late!


What a light each of you have been to non-profits here in Kentucky!

These funds will be going to supplies to continue our services, financial ease for those we serve, and the growth of who we serve and how provide our services here in Kentucky!

Thank you all for your continuous support in the maintenance and growth of reSOARces!