Providing alternative services for individuals with disabilities and the direct support professionals and case managers who support them...

ReSOARces is a membership organization consisting of materials, finances, staff, and other assets necessary to address barriers presented for these individuals.

In beginning the pursuit of this mission, we are currently addressing the barriers presented under the Medicaid waiver program’s Participant Directed Services (PDS).

Imagine needing assistance with activities like taking your medication, using the restroom, bathing, going out into the community to shop for groceries or see friends…

...Now imagine not having a choice as to who the person walking into your home will be who will be assisting you with such intimate activities. 

This is a common reality for many individuals with disabilities who require direct care in their home.

With Participant Directed Services (PDS), participants with disabilities who are receiving Medicaid waiver services are able to choose and hire the team of professionals who will provide for their unique daily care needs.

This is empowering to participants, enhancing independence and control over their own lives and allowing them to be an employer for those working for them. This can also result in an increase in pay for the direct support professionals who provide such important services, when cutting the administrative costs of utilizing an outside agency. This increase in pay and personalized employment can result in a career of being a direct support professional, allowing consistency and expertise that is much needed in the work of providing quality care to individuals with disabilities.

Unfortunately, PDS is not a choice often considered due to the barriers and gaps involved with the program. These include…

  • An overwhelming hiring process for participants and case managers
  • Updates, timesheets, and fees that can become too much for participants, direct support professionals, and case managers to keep up with
  • Funds from Medicaid often being withheld, preventing timely payment for the direct support professionals who have been working, and putting the continuation of personal care for the participant at risk
  • Miscommunication or misunderstanding of the participant’s specific plan of care goals
  • And much more...

Because reSOARces believes in the empowering and choice-giving option of PDS for individuals with disabilities...

reSOARces provides human resource services that fill in the gaps and allow families utilizing PDS to SOAR above these barriers and truly thrive in their day-to-day lives.

To learn about some of the specific services we provide, check out our Membership page!