reSOARces: PDS Support Department

For an overview explanation of what PDS is and how reSOARces is involved, visit the Our Involvement with PDS page.

Members who utilize Participant Directed Services (PDS) are able to have access to a variety of support services we offer. As a member, you will not only be able to receive our services but you will gain a collaborative relationship that ensures quality care for the participants with disabilities that we are all working together to serve.

For qualified members, we provide:


Participant Services

  • Assistance with hiring, training, evaluating and maintaining direct support professionals (DSPs)
  • Support for upfront costs associated with hiring staff, such as TB tests, background checks, and CPR and First Aid
  • Aid in pay for support staff if an issue out of the participant/representative’s control arises that prevents payment (application process is required for financial assistance)
  • Guidance in and maintenance of applying the plan of care goals to the direct services provided by staff

Direct Support Professional Services

  • Assistance with ensuring eligibility requirements are met
  • On-the-job aid with training
  • Support with reviewing notes and timesheets
  • Support in costs associated with CPR and First Aid training
  • Advances on payroll when Medicaid is delayed (contingent on qualifying membership)

Case Manager Services

  •  Aid in collection and management of Employee Eligibility Forms and all pre-hire requisites
  • Notifications to participants, guardians, and representatives with four-week and two-week reminders regarding updated requirements
  • Background checks for new DSP hires and notifications of approval dates
  • Assistance with reviewing service notes and timesheets alongside providing quality feedback
  • Guidance in development of job descriptions for DSP that reflect the specific needs and plan of care goals of the participant


Download and print our brochure that explains all of our services to keep or share with others!

Contact Us

Thinking about becoming a member? Want to know more about our services? Have any ideas about how we can better serve in this area? For any questions or feedback, send us a message and we will respond to you as soon as we can!